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Poem by me…

Roses are Red
Violets are Blue
You’ll never know 
How much i fought for you
I tried and tried 
I comforted you
Whenever you cried
But i guess you didnt 
Have the same feelings too
Eventually our frienship 
Was coming to a close 
Then the next day you
Woke to a bright red rose
With a card on its stem
That made you think “From Who?”
You read the card, 
Dropped it while you sobbed…

The card read
“You were my only true love
That no one could ever
Take the place of
So this is where I 
Say my final goodbye
This is where I die…
I just had one last 
Thing to do
Using my final breath
“I love you…”” (Taken with GifBoom)



camila cabello + her ass.

She’s FIFTEEN! This isn’t even fucking close to being fair!!


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